Lucretia Stinnette

Writer, Director, Producer

Lucretia Stinnette was born and raised on Chicago’s westside. She earned her BA in International Relations from the University of Southern California, and is currently pursuing her MFA in Film Production at UCLA. Lucretia has a multi-faceted international background; she has worked in law, international relations and international education, and has lived in countries such as Ghana, South Africa and South Korea. In 2013, Lucretia returned to Seoul to shoot Quyen, the story of a young Vietnamese woman’s first week with her new Korean husband. Lucretia wishes to continue telling stories that subvert stereotypes and bring marginalized viewpoints to the center.

She was the recipient of the 2014 Princess Grace Graduate Film Scholarship, the Lynn Weston Fellowship in Film, the Women in Film Foundation/Verna Fields Memorial Fellowship and the Four Sisters Scholarship in Directing.


Darren Colston

Writer, Producer, Filmmaker

Darren Colston is a screenwriter and producer for BlackSQR Productions. He has established a career in film, working both in the Bay Area and Southern California. His body of work touches all things film. He has served as a creative and producer for numerous commercials, music videos, documentaries, short films and feature films.

Darren sees film and art as opportunities to communicate and address complicated societal issues under the guise of entertainment and beauty. Mondays are in his blood and he is ready to work.